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Going around the city walls, through Piazzale Squarcia, you can see the exterior of the Bastione del Comune. Going ahead you take Via Sisto V.
Via Sisto V. Along the way you find several shops which propose some typical wine and food products of Loreto and Marche region. You can find also a large silverware, religious objects, pottery and textiles production which follow the Loreto ancient craft production.
John XXIII Monument. It was ordered by the citizens in memory of the Pope John XXIII's historical pilgrimage in Loreto (October 4, 1962).   Fu voluto dalla cittadonanza a ricordo dello storico pellegrinaggio di papa Giovanni XXIII a Loreto (4 ottobre 1962). The bronze statue and the travertine bas-relief were built by Alessandro Monteleone in 1966.
The gate of the Palazzo Apostolico. It was carved by Raniero Nerucci for the basilica but it was transfered in the current position after 1580, when the new facade was built.

Loreto given the massive flow of pilgrims, over the centuries needed much water to refresh people. Thus, at the beginning of XVII century, an aqueduct from Recanati, that can still be seen today in Via degli Archi, was built by Giovanni Fontana and Carlo Maderno. It is the water that gush from the fountain in Piazza della Madonna.
Others fountain arose along the ancient access roads to the town:

  • Buffolareccia Fountain in via Buffolareccia

  • Costa d’Ancona Fountain in via Costa d’Ancona

  • Carpine Fountain in via Carpine

  • Bellezze Fountain in via  Benedetto XV

  • Via della Croce Fountain

Banderuola Church
Traditionally, this is the place where the Holy House of the Virgin stopped before the arrival on Monte Prodo, where Loreto is today. It is on the road to Scossici, to the sea. The name derives from the fact that, to indicate this sacred place to sailors, firshermen and travelers, a flag was originally placed on the little church built in XVI century.
Mechanical permanent Nativity scene “Benedetto XVI”
Via Sisto V - 50 meters from the basilica

Permanent Nativity scene “Santa Casa”
Via Maccari 2 - 50 meters from the basilica

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