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Museum of Ancient Treasure
It is located on the top floor of the western wing of the Palazzo Apostolico.
There we can admire a 2000 sqm exhibition, which includes :
  • paintings previously belonging to the Basilica : works by L.Lotto, G. Muziano, p. Tibaldi, G. Reni, F. Bellini, C. Roncalli - called Pomarancio-, S. Vouet, A. Zanchi, G.M. Crespi, S. Conca, F. Foschi, etc.
  • a tapestry collection from the XVII century, realised in Brussels on cartons of Raffaello Sanzio.
  • A collection of historiated majolicas for apothecary; it is one of the rare examples of an intact collection from  Orazio Fontana's workshop (XVI c.) and Paranazzi's wokshop (XVII c.) from Urbino.
  • Contemporary art, collection of paintings by : A. Sassu, V.Trubbiani, F. Bodini, P. Cascella, P. Guccione, ecc. -Furniture from the pontifical apartment, dated between XV to XX century.
  • The treasure of the Holy House : jewels, liturgical furniture, silver Crucifix by Giambologna, the famous red pearl of the Red Sea, fished in the XVII century, on which it seems carved the Virgin Mary while flying on a cloud.
  • A collection of nativity scenes (from various origins and times)
  • Images and objects of popular piety and devotion.

For further information call to : +39 0719747198

Museo-Antico-Tesoro email:
"Artifex – comunicare con l'arte" call to: +39 06 68193064  


Air Force Museum

It is located in Corso Boccalini, n. 36/38
It hosts a unique collection of orginal objects and accessories from the foundation of the Regia Aereonautica until today, among which:
  • Uniforms of the Regia Areonautica (Italian Air Force)
  • Flying equipment .
  • WWII : National Republican Air Force, Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force- ICBAF, Royal Navy.
  • Post-war period: uniforms, cape coats, winter coats, raincoat.

For information call to  3381249298 - 3394696490

Ass Arma Aeronautica
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