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In accordance to article 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 - personal data protection code (hereafter called Code) - it is necessary that informations about the use of your "personal data" are provided to you.
In this page the arrangements for the management of this website are provided, with reference to the Users' personal data treatment. It's an informative report which is given, in accordance to article 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 - personal data protection code (hereafter called Code), to those who consult the PRO LOCO LORETO website pages, hereafter called SITE from the address, hereafter called URLWEB corresponding to the site home page. The informative report is given only for this site and not even for other websites eventually consulted by the user via link, starting with this.
The Privacy Guarantor has transposed a European directive which impose to the administrators' web pages to show a banner to the visitors which shall inform them what cookie policy has the site which they are visiting and subordinate its acceptance to the browsing continuation. Anyway it is important to be informed from the start that your "sensitive data" won't be treated.

N.B.: This site does not use any kind of cookie for profiling users. Third-party cookies linked to the "social plugin" presence are used instead. We have anonymized Google Analytics and this allow us to collect statistics without profiling you.

Personal data collected via registration procedures to the SITE services have the purpose of:
- Provide the planned services.
- Provide the informations and/or send the notifications related to the service.
- Provide to all the eventual account and fiscal requirements
If the user gave the authorisation:
- Provide informations and/or offers on the SITE services.
- Verify the offered services quality, even offering after-sales services.
- Send communications and informations for advertising purpose related to the own and third-party products and initiatives.
- Fulfil market investigation and statistics, marketing and products preferences.

The data will be processed with electronic and computer tools and they will be saved both on computer storage media and paper-based media and on any other kind of proper media, with respect of basic safety measures in accordance to the Technical Specification in the field of basic safety measures, Annex B of the personal data processing code.
Your personal data will be stored in the form that allow your identification for the strictly necessary time for the purpose for which your data has been collected and later processed and, in any case, within the legal limits.

Personal data are collected for the following purpose and using the following services:
Mailing List or Newsletter
By registering on the mailing list or newsletter, the user's address shall be inserted in a contact list to which e-mail messages could be sent containing informations also of a commercial and promotional nature, related to the owner's activity. Your e-mail address could be added to this list as a result of your registration on this site and after have done a purchase.
Personal data collected: Name, Surname, E-mail, Telephone number.

Contact form
The user, compiling with his own data the contact form, agree to their use to answer to informations , preventive of a different nature request indicated by the form header.
Personal data collected: Name, Surname, E-mail, E-mail subject and Message.
Widget Video Youtube (Google)
Youtube is a video play service handled by Google Inc. which allow to this site to include these contents inside its own pages.
Personal data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Processing place: USA - Privacy Policy
Facebook cookie:
This SITE has some Facebook plugin wich can trace the reader's behaviour. To get more informations about it you can visit the page for the Facebook privacy policy(Politica della Privacy di Facebook.).

Cookies are little data parts which are stored and used to improve the site usage experience. For example they can temporarily remember your browsing preferences to avoid to select every time the language, making your your next visits more comfortable and intuitive. They can be used to make "anonymous survey" on how the users surf on this site, in order to improve it starting from the real data. If you want to disable the cookies usage it is necessary to customize the PC settings by setting the deletion of all cookies or activating a warning message when cookies are stored.

Technical cookies
These cookies are essential to surf on the website and use some functionalities. It is not necessary to give the agreement for strictly necessary cookies because they are vital to make sure the requested services. These cookies does not register any personal information and the potential identifiable data will not be stored.
Third party cookies
Visiting an internet site you can receive cookies both from the visited site (first party) and from the sites managed by other organization (third party). A clear example is the presence of "social plugin" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Pinterest, LinkedIn. It's about parts of the visited page generated directly from these sites and integrated in the host site page. The more common use of the social plugin is aimed to the contents sharing on the social network.
Analytics cookies
These are cookies used by the website owners to collect informations, in aggregated form over the users number and over how they visit the site itself and so draw up general statistics over the service and over its use...

Profiling Cookies
Profiling cookies are typologies of cookies which can be used for tracking and profiling the users during the browsing, studying their movements and habits of the website consultation or usage (what they buy, what they read...) also for the purpose of sending targeted and customed services advertising...

The user will be informed through two level of deepening: a first brief informative will be shown, i.e. a popup banner on every website page to which the users access, and a n extended informative, accessible via link in the brief informative, but also via link at the bottom of every refreshed website page. By clicking on the "More informations" banner button you will access to the full informative (i.e. this page you are reading); by clicking on the "I accept" button, the user will give his agreement to the cookie usage.

Essential cookies: this site use cookies to store informations about the visitors preferences and the visited web pages by the user and on the basis of the other informations which the browser send. These cookies are essential in order to allow to surf on the whole site and fully use his characteristics. Without these cookies, some services will not work properly.
Third party cookies (Social Network): These services allow to interact with the social networks or with other external platform, directly from the pages of this website. The interactions and the informations collected by this site are, in every case, subject to the user's privacy settings related to every social network.
To take a look to the privacies and cookies policies you can visit the social network websites:
Session cookies: temporary files which are stored only for the sessions and browsing on the site lenght. The browser eliminate them when closed.
Persisten cooies: the duration of these files goes beyond the browser session (for example, if you login in a website, it recognises the user at the next visit and show a welcome message). The persisten cookies allow this kind of function.
Analytical cookies: this site use the free service of Google Analytics. Remember that the data are used only to have the data on the most visited pages, on the visitors number, on the visit per O.S. and per browser aggregated data etc... these parameters are stored in the Google Server which regulate the privacy following these guidelines. In addition to the visited pages among the collected data can be included also, for example the domain names and the computers' type of browser used to connect to the site, the addresses of the requested resources in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, parameters concerning the O.S. and the informatic environment you use. These data do not allow, in every case, to identify you for their nature and the processing modality and have to be considered anonymous.
The analytics cookies are considered technical if used only with optimization aim and if the users IP are kept anonymous.

Google Analytics (hereafter also "Analytics") is a statistic service offered by Google Inc. which headquarter is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States.
Analytics allow to track the access to the site and to the administrators of the site to generate and take a look at the data in aggregated and anonymous form in order to comprend the visitors use of the site and to produce statistics.
Personal data sources
Google Analytics requires, for its ow operation, the presence on the site pages of a tracking code. The aim of this code is to locate, for the aim indicated below, the pages which you visit during the browsing session on the Site. In addition to the visited pages among the collected data can be included also, for example the domain names and the computers' type of browser used to connect to the site, the addresses of the requested resources in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, parameters concerning the O.S. and the informatic environment you use. These data do not allow, in every case, to identify you for their nature and the processing modality and have to be considered anonymous.
As already mentioned analytical cookes are considered technical if used only with optimization purpose and if the users' IP are kept anonymous. We inform the user that this site use the Google Analytics free service. Remember that data are used only to have the data of the most visited pages, visitors' number, aggregated data of the visits per O.S., per browser etc... these parameters are stored in the Google Servers which regulate their privacy following these guidelines. As already said, this site does not use any kind of cookies to profile users. Third party cookies linked to the "social plugin" presence are instead used. We have anonymized Google Analytics and this allow us to collect statistics without profiling you. From every page of the site you can have access to the extended privacy policy. A user can deactivate Google Analytics during browsing, using the add-on available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari at this link (questo link).

The majority of the web browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. You can modify these settings to unlock cookies or to warn you that cookies are sent to your device. there are several ways to manage cookies. Please refer to user manual or to your browser help screen to find out how to adjust or modify your browser settings. How to disable cookies via browser configuration:

Browsing without using technical cookies is possible through the private browsing and it is possible with alla main browsers. Informations about how to carry out the private browsing on different browser:

Personal data are divided in 2 categories: obbligatory and optional. The eventually optional data are marked with an asterisk as it results in the registration procedure. The obbligatory data contrbution and the corresponding processing for the abovementioned purposes are strictly functional to the mentioned services execution. The eventual user refusal to give these data or the eventual refusal to allow to their processing will result to the inability to use the service offered by SHOP NAME. The other data collected are for helping the SITE to offer a service better and better. Relative to them the user is free to give them or not. To grant that your personal data are always exact and updated, though pertinent and complete, we ask you to signal any change acted at
For the communicative and functional needs, we have commissioned some internal personal data processing managers of the WEBSITE users, for the strictly connected and related purposes to the provision of services on the WEBSITE, included the sale of the products. This personnel was properly instructed for security and personal data protection, with the prohibition, in particular, to communicate or spread the personal data to unnecessary subjects for services execution. Your personal data will not be communicated to third party for not permitted purposes by the law or without your express consent, unless to pursue the conclusion of the contract:
- to subjects in charge for the shipment, delivery and return of the products activites bought on the SITE;
- to banks, for the receipts and payment management, remote electronic payment service providers included;
- to accountants, for tax obligations and accounting obligations;
- to police or judicial authority, in accordance with the law and upon formal request by these subjects, for example in the field of anti-fraud services of the SITE. For these subjects your consensus is not necessary.

With regard to the processing of personal data, in accordance to article 7 (Right of access to the personal data and other rights) of the personal data protection code you have the right to obtain confirmation about the existence or not of personal data which concern you, even if you are not registered, and their communication in an intelligible form. You have the right to obtain the indication:
- about personal data origin
- about purposes and processing modality
- about the logic applied in case of processing done with the help of electronic tools
- about the owner and responsible for the processing identification details
- about the subjects and the subjects' categories to who the data can be communicated or that can suppose to know as a rappresentative nominated in the State territory, about the responsibles or those in charge.
You have the rights to obtain:
- the update, the rectification or data integration
- the deletion, trasformation in anonymous form or the blocking of processed data in violation of the law, included those whose conservation is necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data have been collected and then processed.
- The attestation that the operations of the first two points have been forwarded also to those whose data have been communicated or spread, assuming that this fulfilment is possible and involve the use of means proportionate to the protected right.
You have the right to oppose, in full or in part:
- for legittimate reasons to the personal data processing, altough pertinent to the collection aim.
- to the personal data processing for the purpose of sending advertising material or of direct sale or for the market research completion or commercial communication.
The processing owner is:

P.IVA 01339130427

To exercise the rights provided for by the article 7 of the personal data protection code listed above, you can address requests to the address or in written form to the address:

Corso Boccalini, 67
60025 Loreto (AN)

This page is visible, via link at the button in every site page in accordance with article 122 second subparagraph of the legislative decree 196/2003 and following simplified modalities for the informative and the consensus acquisition for the use of cookies published in the Official Journal n. 126 June 3, 2014 and the corresponding measures register n. 229 May 8, 2014. To get to know your rights and always be updated on the people protection legislation compared to the personal data processing we suggest you to visit the Guarantor's website for the personal data protection at the address
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