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  • Palazzo Apostolico. It has a distinctive “L” shape, since the southern arm was never realized, and it was built at the end of the fifteenth century. It spreads over two levels, the first corresponding to the porch, in Doric order; the second, corresponding to the porch or first floor, in Ionic order.

  • Palazzo Illirico.  So named because it was used as a college to house students from Illyria. (XVII century)

  • Fontana Maggiore: it was built and designed by Carlo Maderno and Giovanni Fontana (1604-14), the bronze sculptures were made by the Giacometti brothers.

  • Facade of the basilica: designed by Giovanni Boccalini in 1571, it was completed in 1587 by Lattanzio Ventura. Particularly important are the three bronze doors desired by Cardinal A.M. Gallo . The left one was realized by Tiburcio Vergelli in 1596; the central one was made by Antonio Lombardo (1610); and the right one is by Antonio Calcagni (1600). The bronze statue of the Virgin with the Child was made by Girolamo Lombardo in 1583.

  • Statue of Pope Sixtus V by A. Calcagni with the collaboration of T. Vergelli (1589).

  • Bell tower: about 67 meters high, was built by Luigi Vanvitelli in 1750-1755.

  • Dome of the Basilica: the third largest dome in Italy, after that of St. Peter's in Rome and Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Vaulted on May 23, 1500 by Giuliano da Sangallo.

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